New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 April Week 4

SHINee Vol. 3-2 – Why So Serious? The Misconceptions of Me (released)

01 Nightmare
02 Why So Serious?
03 Shine (Medusa 1)
04 Orgel
05 Dangerous (Medusa II)
06 Like a Fire
07 Excuse Me Miss
08 Evil
09 Sleepless Night

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SHINee, who has had much success with part one of their third album earlier this year, releases part two titled, “Why So Serious? The Misconceptions of Me.” The title track is “Why So Serious,” a pop dance number with electronic and funk rock sounds. The song holds lyrics about a zombie who falls in love with a girl. There are a total of nine tracks of various genres in this album.

4minute mini-album Vol. 4 – Name Is 4 Minute (released)

01 What’s My Name?
02 What’s Your Name?
03 Whatever
04 Gimme That
05 Domino

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4minute returns after a year with their fourth mini-album, “Name is 4Minute.” The girls show off their strengths through hip-hop, rock, and electronic genres. The title track is “What’s Your Name,” a Brave Brothers production. It is a hip-hop number that is expected to capture listeners’ ears right away. Other songs included in the album are rock intro, “What’s My Name” and unique number, “Whatever.”

Secret mini-album Vol. 4 – Letter From Secret (April 30)

01 Yoohoo
02 Daddy Long Legs
03 Only U
04 B.O.Y (Because of You)

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Secret makes a 180 degree transformation this spring! The girls come back sweeter than ever with their fourth mini-album, “Letter From Secret.” The title track is “Yoohoo,” an exciting synth pop dance track with cute lyrics about falling in love. Listeners will be able to hear the girls’ aegyo in this track.

Juniel mini-album Vol. 3 – Fall In L (released)

01 Cute Boy
02 Date
03 Sleep Talk
04 My Lips

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Juniel makes a comeback this spring with her third mini-album, “Fall in L.” The singer songwriter makes a 180 degree transformation just in time for spring. Fans will be able to see her lovable and lively side through her title track, “Cute Boy.” It is a bright, upbeat pop number with fun lyrics.

Teen Top Vol. 1 – No.1: Repackaged Special ED. (April 30)


01 Walk By…
02 Jealousy
03 Miss Right
04 Missing You
05 I Wanna Love
06 Stop Girl
07 Why
08 Hello
09 Never Go Back
10 Mad At U
11 So Sweet
12 Get Crazy
13 Mr. Bang (fFet, Maboos Chakun)
14 No. 1


01 Teen Top First Album Show Case 1) Showcase-DVD Edit Ver.

Disc 3

01 Show Case Making 1) Planning Meeting
02 Show Case Making 2) Choreography Practice
03 Show Case Making 3) Special Mission
04 Show Case Making 4) Interview
05 Show Cause Making 5) Showcase D-Day

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Teen Top, who has received much love over the years, releases a special repackaged version of their first album, “No. 1.” This three disc album consists of twelve original tracks, two new songs, as well as a dvd of their showcase. The two new songs are “Walk By” and “Jealousy.” The former track is a song about breakup and sadness while the latter track is a trendy number that meshes both vocals and rap very well.

Hello Venus mini-album Vol. 3 – Want to Drink Tea? (May 2)

01 What to Drink Tea?
02 Kiss Me
03 Wait a Minute (feat. Affectionate Nana)
04 Again and Again

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Hello Venus returns to the music scene with a more mature image just in time for their third mini-album, “Want to Drink Tea.” There are a total of four songs including the titular, “Want to Drink Tea.” It is a pop dance track about women and love. It is the perfect song for spring.

Lyn 8th #1 – Glass Heart (released)

01 Glass Heart (feat. Yong Jun Hyung of B2ST)
02 Tonight (feat. Baechigi)
03 Only Treated You Well)

Lyn releases her first single of her eighth album, “Glass Heart.” The title track is of the same name and is a sad number with a piano melody. Lyn took part in penning the lyrics to the song herself. Also included in the album is previously released R&B track, “Tonight.”

Geeks Vol. 1 – Backpack: Lights On (released)

01 Lights On
02 Wash Away (Feat. Ailee)
03 In Front of the House (Don’t Answer the Phone Pt.2) (feat. Crucial Star)
04 It’s Raining (Skit #1) (Song By Stella Jang)
05 It’s Raining (Feat. Park Subin)
06 Backpack
07 Getting On You (Feat. DJ Dopsh)
08 Perhaps
09 How Is It (Feat. Harim)
10 Surplus Person (Skit #2) (Song By Stella Jang)
11 Surplus Person
12 Siren (Feat. Swings)
13 In the Middle of Love and Life
14 Devotion
15 Testament

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Hip-hop duo, Geeks releases their first studio album, “Backpack” this year. Consisting of members Lil Boi and Louie, the duo has garnered much fame in the past with their mini-album. There are a total of fifteen tracks in this album including previously released track, “How Is It.” This album follows the theme of love and life that listeners can relate to.

Roy Kim (single) – Spring Spring Spring (released)

01 Spring Spring Spring

Roy Kim releases a digital single, “Spring Spring Spring” just in time for the season. Composed and penned by the singer himself, this is his second work. It is of the country genre where the singer’s soft vocals can be heard. The acoustic guitar and whistling that can be heard throughout the song definitely fits the spring mood.

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