Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Looks Adorable with “Apple Hairstyle”

Recently, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA received admiration from many of her fans due to her adorable selca, which was uploaded on an online community bulletin board.

In the picture is YoonA with the popular “Apple Hairstyle,” which involves tying up the hair to make it look like an apple stalk and reveal one’s forehead. YoonA is gazing at the camera with a V-sign and an adorable expression on her face. With her flawless skin and cute hairstyle, YoonA looks girly and gorgeous in this photo.

Netizens that saw this selca admired, “She is so pretty,” “Not everyone can pull off that hairstyle,” “I will never get tired of her.”

Meanwhile, group Girls’ Generation will be starting its world concert “2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour Girls & Peace” in June in Seoul.