Actor Lee Jong Hyuk Says His Son Is More Popular Than He Is

MBC‘s “Dad, Where Are You Going?” actor Lee Jong Hyuk recently admitted in a begrudging but playful manner that his son’s popularity has surpassed his own. 

On April 26, Choi Seung Kyung and Kim Ji Young‘s dinner with their close buddy Lee Jong Hyuk was broadcast.

About Lee Jong Hyuk, Kim Ji Young admitted truthfully, “He definitely stands out. He considers himself to be the best-looking and often thinks to himself, ‘I’m hot right now.'” He went on, (Referring to Lee Jong Hyuk’s participation in ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’) “right now he’s a top star piggy-backing on his son’s fame.” 

When the film crew turned to Lee Jong Hyuk and asked, “Between Junsu and yourself, who do you think is more popular?” Lee Jong Hyuk replied, “Junsu is more popular,” and went on to say, “Son, just you wait” causing everyone to erupt in laughter. 

Netizens who saw the segment commented, “Lee Jong Hyuk jealous of Junsu’s popularity? Too cute!” “Aww, now I want to see ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?” “I like Sung Joon the best though!” and “Lee Jong Hyuk cracks me up!”