[SNS PIC] Nam Ji Hyun, G.Na and HyunA Reveal Close Friendship

G.Na recently took a group photo with her friends 4minute‘s Nam Ji Hyun and HyunA

On April 25, G.Na tweeted the photo along with the caption, “Selca time with Nam Ji Hyun and HyunA! It’s been so long. 4minute, Fighting! What’s Your Name?”

In the photo, Nam Ji Hyun and G.Na make adorable “Omo!” poses for the camera while HyunA lifts her collar for a sexy look. The photo was reported to have been taken during the recording for an episode of MBC‘s “Infinity Challenge.”

In related news, 4Minute released their newest track, “What Is Your Name?” and has been busy with promotions for it, while HyunA made a recent appearance on a sketch rated 19+ and over for tvN’s “SNL Korea.”