Infinite Members Wish Sunggyu a “Happy Birthday” Through Twitter Posts

Infinite recently wished their group leader Sunggyu a happy 25th birthday on April 28th by flooding his twitter feed with adorable messages and selcas.

Member Hoya wrote, “Gyu Hyung-nim, Happy Birthday!” and Sungjong wrote, “Sunggyu hyung, Happy Birthday to the leader Gyu who is always a source of strength to us. I love you!” and uploaded an adorable selca. Sungyeol tweeted, “If you round up, you’re almost thirty! Happy birthday to Gyu-nim doing gwiyomi! Now that you’ve become older, I simply have one request. Please refrain from doing cute stuff in the future and you will receive heaven’s great blessings.”

Sunggyu replied to the adorable wishes with the tweet, “Thank you so much my Infinite buddies! But I don’t think I’ll stop doing gwiyomi for you guys,” causing netizens to chuckle at their adorable banter. 

Fans also sent their own messages of congratulations to the singer.