SHINee Tops iTunes Charts in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

SHINee proves once again how much their popularity has been spreading all across Asia. Their latest release, “Chapter 2 – The Misconceptions of Me” showed fighting form in the charts not only domestically but abroad. According to reports in local news agencies, the title track “Why So Serious?” from “The Misconceptions of Me” made it to the top spot of the iTunes charts in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong upon its worldwide release on April 26.

The track also reached second place in Singapore, fifth in Indonesia, and seventh in Malaysia. It hit the 65th spot in the United States and ranked 53rd in Canada.

Meanwhile, member Jonghyun is concentrating on full recovery after fracturing his nasal bone in a car accident. SHINee is currently promoting “Why So Serious?” with only the four members Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin.