HyunA Does a Sexy Parody of “A Muse” for SNL Korea

tvN’s SNL Korea gained a lot of attention because 4minute were the main guests! One reason that the show was so popular was due to HyunA’s performances. She appeared in a corner titled “Eungyo.” (This was a deliberate parody on the Korean film A Muse)

“A Muse” is a film released in 2012. A 70 year old poet falls in love with a high school girl and writes a short story about an imagined sexual relationship. The film and the original story it was based on caused a lot of controversy.

On the “Eungyo” corner for SNL Korea, HyunA parodied the high school girl while Shin Dong Yup portrayed the 70 year old poet. In one particularly racy scene HyunA is shown drawing a henna tattoo on Shin Dong Yup. Shin Dong Yup is shown enjoying the position they are in.