Jang Yoon Jung Is Too Busy to Have a Honeymoon This Year

It was recently reported that trot singer Jang Yoon Jung will get married to announcer Do Kyung Wan.

On April 28, MBC’s entertainment program “Section TV” aired an interview segment with Jang Yoon Jung where she revealed, “My schedule is packed with performances until the end of this year.”

As such, the reporter asked her about her honeymoon plans. She replied, “Because of my schedule, it’s pretty much impossible to go on a honeymoon this year. It’s a relief that Do Kyung Wan isn’t sad.”

She continued, “Do Kyung Wan is a person who never said anything bad towards me. He’s the type to always answer with a positive attitude.”

Jang Yoon Jung revealed his soft nature. “I previously gave him a shout-out message on air, but he said that he cried after seeing it. I hope he doesn’t cry the next time.”

Meanwhile, the two lovebirds plan to get married this September.