Yang Hyun Suk’s Daughter Shares Her Father’s Sense of Style

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk shared a recent photo of his daughter that drew a lot of attention online.

He used the following photo of his daughter Yoojin as his profile pic on mobile messenger “LINE.”

In the photo, Yoojin appears to be wearing a trendy pair of striped pants, black coat, pink shoes and a hat that looks strikingly similar to the one her father was always seen wearing on SBS‘s “K-Pop Star.”

Netizens who saw the photo of Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter commented, “Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter is growing up fast and looking more like her father everyday,” “Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter has adorable, chubby cheeks,” “Wow, Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter is already that big?” and “Aww, I can tell Yoojin is growing up to be a little fashionista.”