“Monday Couple” Gary Tells Song Ji Hyo, “I’m a 3rd Level Lover”

On the latest episode of SBS‘s “Running Man,” “Monday Couple” Song Ji Hyo and Gary faced off in a hip towel wrestling match. 

On April 28, the members of “Running Man” predicted that Gary would easily win since he had stated before that he had reached an 8th level status of achievement in martial arts. When Yoo Jae Suk restated that fact to Gary, however, he replied while directing his gaze to Song Ji Hyo, “I think I’m not at the fitness level I was before…but I’m a 3rd level lover,” which caused the rest of the members to crack up at his smooth response.

Gary started off the game with confident remarks to Song Ji Hyo saying, “I’m sorry Ji Hyo, there was no other way,” before they began to try and wrestle the towel away from each other. However, Gary’s playful tugging caused him to slip, which ultimately won her the match

Netizens who saw the episode commented, “Gary, I want you!”, “These two are simply adorable” and “Wow, I guess Gary isn’t as strong as I thought he was.”