[SNS PIC] SHINee’s Minho Meets Veteran Singer IVY

IVY recently posted on her Instagram account a photo she took with SHINee‘s Minho with the caption, “I didn’t know I was this ugly!” The two stars look adorable while smiling for the camera, despite the veteran star’s joke about her beauty compared to Minho’s stunning pretty boy features. 

She also revealed a photo she took when she met Infinite‘s Dongwoo through KBS‘s “Mamma Mia” which gained a lot of attention from netizens. Dongwoo and his mother made adorable poses for the photo. Dongwoo’s mother also made an appearance on the show with her son on April 29. 

In related news, IVY is scheduled to make her comeback in May, while Minho has been busy with SHINee’s promotions for “Why So Serious?” which features the increasingly popular “zombie dance.”