Jung Suk Won: “Even After Fighting With Baek Ji Young, I Still Find Her Precious”

On the most recent episode of MBC “Section TV Entertainment News,” the interview crew found out that Jung Suk Won has been filming the upcoming movie “Battle of Yeonpyeong” in Jinhae, shortly after the news about him and Baek Ji Young‘s upcoming wedding plans were published. The interview crew visited the filming site without contacting Jung Suk Won or the filming crew in advance. They had to wait for more than ten hours, but successfully interviewed Jung Suk Won in the end. 

When Jung Suk Won first encountered the interview crew, he gently and politely declined the interview. However, he was touched by the crew’s sincere efforts to come all the way to Jinhae to interview him and he agreed to talk to them. Although it was a spontaneous interview, Jung Suk Won was friendly and gentle, thanking everyone whenever somebody congratulated him on marrying Baek Ji Young.

Jung Suk Won commented, “After I have arguments with Baek Ji Young, I miss her even more. She’s precious and very necessary in my life. But I didn’t think she’d be ‘The One’ in my life when I first saw her.” During this interview, he continued to talk about the first time he met Baek Ji Young, how he decided that he wanted to marry her, and what the newly-wed-to-be’s parents think about the couple.

It has also been reported that Jung Suk Won and Baek Ji Young have finalized their wedding date as June 2, 2013.