Eugene’s Husband Proposed with a Self-Written Song

On MBC’s variety talk program “Knee Drop Guru,” which was aired on April 25, first generation idol group S.E.S’s member and actress Eugene revealed how her husband Ki Tae Young proposed.

Eugene stated, “He asked a songwriter to compose a song for him. He wrote the lyrics himself. He sang the song, recorded it, and he gave it to me as a gift. One year later, it was released. The title was ‘Oh My Fairy.’”

When the song was played on the show, Eugene became embarrassed. She said, “He is a very genuine person. I was attracted to his family-oriented nature. I do not like bad boys. When I started to talk to him, I realized that I got along great with Ki Tae Young. He is dependable, nice, and has a sexy face.”

Meanwhile on this episode, Eugene also revealed stories from her childhood, her first love, and how she made her debut.