HyunA’s Real Personality Revealed by Other Idols

Were you ever curious if what idols portray on television is their real personality?

On April 29, the official Twitter for cable channel MBC Every1’s variety program “Weekly Idol” was updated with written answers from idols. The original question was “Idol members who are different from their real personality.”

The post revealed answers from four idols who chose 4minute‘s HyunA. Rainbow’s Woori wrote, “She’s very sexy, but she has a cute personality.” Vixx’s Ravi wrote, “It’s evident that she’s a charming person who is both sexy and cute.” Boyfriend’s Jeongmin added, “She’s sexy, but she has a cute personality inside.” Dal Shabet’s Serri wrote, “To tell you the truth, she’s such a cute dongseng.”

Meanwhile, 4minute just made its comeback on April 26 with third mini-album “Name Is 4minute” and is currently promoting the title track “What’s Your Name?