Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung Says She Mistook Haeri for a Staff Member

On April 29, Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung and Lee Haeri were asked to share their first impressions of each other on Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 2.”

On that day, Kang Min Kyung confessed, “When I first saw Haeri, I thought she was part of the staff. The only thing my manager told me when he introduced us was, ‘This is Haeri, she’s going to be working with you.’ So I thought he meant she was one of the staff members I would be working with.” 

However, the singer did not stop there and attempted to explain the reason for the misunderstanding. She turned to Haeri and said, “It’s because you were dressing too ordinary that day, unnie” which caused Haeri to in turn flush in embarrassment.

Haeri, on the other hand, said that she thought Kang Min Kyung “had a beautiful face and was very pretty.”

But the women were quick to assure that no hard feelings were taken and that they have fostered a close friendship since debut, “often watching movies together and asking each other for relationship advice.”

When both women were asked which member had been asked on more dates, both of the members did not respond except for Kang Min Kyung, who managed a shy grin. Both of the women replied that regardless of the number of dates, their confidence had increased substantially since their debut.