Davichi’s Haeri Talks About Being Compared to SISTAR’s Hyorin

On April 29, Davichi‘s Haeri was caught off guard when she was asked on Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 2” whether she considered herself to be a better or worse singer than SISTAR‘s Hyorin

Currently, Lee Haeri and Hyorin are considered to be the top two female idol singers in the industry. Whether one or the other deserves to be in first place and the other second has been a hot topic of debate among netizens. While Hyorin is considered to be the “Korean Beyonce,” Haeri is known for being a strong vocalist who can master even the more difficult genres such as trot. 

After hesitating a bit, Haeri answered carefully, “Hyorin and I have different styles when it comes to singing. I think I sing ballads better, while Hyorin sings pop songs better.”