2PM Reveals Trailer for Upcoming Third Album “Grown”

2PM has just revealed a trailer for their comeback third album “Grown” on their YouTube channel.

In the teaser, we see the members doing various things, as seen from the perspective of a cat. A slow R&B track is also played, giving it a very mature feel.

Yesterday they revealed the track list for their album. The album consists of twelve songs and, notably, will have two title songs- “Ha. Ni. Bbun” and “Come back After Listening to This Song.” Members Junho, Jun.K, and Taecyeon were said to have worked on the album songs.

The group will also have a documentary program “2PM Come Back Show” for their return to Korea. Currently, it is slated to broadcast on May 11 midnight Korean Standard Time. (Same as May 12, 00:00) 

In March, when they first announced their May comeback, revealed a peculiar teaser which made it seem like a vampire/monster concept. They then followed it up with mysterious teaser codes and pictures.