Yong Junhyung’s Forbidden Classroom Kiss Scene for “MONSTAR”

BEAST‘s Yong Jun Hyung fans rejoice? Recently a classroom kiss scene involving Yong Jun Hyung was revealed. It was a promotional picture for the upcoming music drama titled “MONSTAR.” The picture revealed on April 30 shows Yong Jun Hyung kissing a female student on the lips.

The producing team of “MONSTAR” stated, “This is one of the important opening scenes of the drama. Please make sure to check out the broadcast to understand why Yong Jun Hyung does this kiss. In order to make a romantic kiss scene, the filming took nearly 6 hours. It was the first time Yong Jun Hyung was doing a kiss scene. He looked nervous at first but after he began to get into his character, he was very natural.”

“MONSTAR” will be a musical drama about teenagers being healed through music and growing up. The drama will span 12 episodes.