Do You Know Your Delicious but Unhealthy Korean Street Food? Part 2

A lot of popular Korean food is actually found on its streets! Whether it is a “Pojang Macha” or any other type of food vendor, these delicious foods can be find all over South Korea! (Remember though, these foods are not very healthy) Last week, I didn’t really explain why these foods are unhealthy. There are various things you should be worried about such as whether the food is made in sanitary conditions! But besides that, most of the foods are salty, spicy, greasy, high in cholesterol, and/or high in calories.

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1. 번데기 – Beondagi

Beondegi are steamed or boiled silkworm pupae which are seasoned and eaten as a snack

2. 닭꼬치 – Dak Gochi

Dak Gochi is literally chicken on a stick. This delicious snack/food can be seen on many streets in Seoul!

3. 떡꼬치 – Dduk Gochi

Dduk Gochi is Tteokbokki on a stick! It is pretty spicy!

4. 가락국수 – Garak Guksu

Garak Guksu is thin noodles cooked in a broth much similar to udon! This noodle soup can be found in a lot of Pojang Machas.

5. 꼼장어 – Ggom Jang Uh (Hagfish)

Ggom Jang Uh is hagfish that is cooked in spicy pepper paste. This dish is very spicy!

6. 곱창 – Gopchang

Gopchang is grilled cow or pork intestines. This dish is a favorite with soju!

7. 골뱅이 – Golbaengi

Golbaengi is a sea snail dish that is served with peppers and onions and spicy pepper sauce. Many South Koreans enjoy this dish with soju.

8. 군밤 – Roasted Chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts are often sold on the streets in South Korea. This is a very popular snack!

9. 호떡 – Hotteok

Hotteok is a pancake filled with a sweet mixture that is brown sugar, honey, chopped peanuts, and cinnamon.

10. 소라 – Sora

Sora is cooked sea snail. The sea snail is often eaten with soju!

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