San E Cancels Contract With JYP Entertainment

Is the hip hop rapper really leaving JYP Entertainment?

San E recently wrote on his fancafe, “I think I’ll cancel my contract with JYP soon and leave. There’s nothing bad that happened or any of the sort. The story gets a little long if I talk about the stuff in the beginning and the middle, but in any case, the conclusion is that I’ll officially leave JYP soon.”

He continued, “The important thing is that there are no problems and we all are on good terms. Both sides are sad, but we both have good feelings [regarding the leave]. However, it doesn’t mean I’m quitting music. I’ll show another side of San E so please don’t be sad. Stay happy like you’ve been.”

Prior to his post, JYP release to X Sports News on April 29, “We have to double check, but it’s true that there have been talks regarding San E’s contract cancellation.”

San E, real name Jung San, made his debut in 2008 as a featured rapper on Verbal Jint’s track “False Accusation.” He signed an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment in 2010 and made his official debut in September with the album “Everybody Ready?”