Tony Ahn Earns Five Times More Now Than During SM Entertainment Days

Tony Ahn, who recently headlined many media outlets regarding his latest relationship with sixteen years younger pop idol Hyeri, opens up about his current earnings.

On April 30, QTV’s variety program “20th Century Handsome Men” aired an episode where the emcees (Moon Hee Jun, Chun Myung Hoon, Eun Ji Won, Danny Ahn and Tony Ahn) talked about their earnings and investments.

Regarding money, Tony Ahn shared, “I earned about $8,000 in royalties alone during my days in H.O.T.” Moon Hee Jun piped in, “I also earned some. I received about $100,000 in royalties during the two to three months promoting the title track from our fifth album.”

Tony Ahn was surprised by Moon Hee Jun’s earnings and the latter looked sorry. Tony Ahn added, “To be honest, I made the most money through my business. I earned the most from the school uniform business.”

He surprised the other members with his next comment, “I probably earned about four to five times more than my total earnings as a member of H.O.T.” Moon Hee Jun, who was previously sorry for earning more during their idol days, took back his words and jokingly remarked, “Traitor.”