Han Sun Hwa: “Kwanghee Keeps Asking for My Home Address”

On April 30, Secret hosted a show case to celebrate the release of their fourth mini album “Letter from SECRET” in Seoul, Korea. During the showcase, Han Sun Hwa talked briefly about ZE:A‘s Kwanghee, who is now her ex-husband from MBC “We Got Married.” 

She said, “I saw Kwanghee’s cheerful messages on the internet and I was really thankful. I think because we had something special, I still feel tender about him and the whole thing. I texted him because I wanted to express how thankful I was to see him cheering for me outside of ‘We Got Married.'”

Han Sun Hwa added, “He texted me back asking for my home address. He said, ‘I want to send you some fruits,’ and he’s said that several times before. But I gently declined, because I’d feel like I’m getting stripped of my privacy if I give him my home address.” When the MC asked her what kind of fruits Kwanghee insisted on sending to her, she told the audience, “He’s been talking about sending me peaches for a while now.” 

She also commented, “Now that I’m done with MBC ‘We Got Married,’ I want to focus on Secret and this promotion. We are going to go back and forth between Korea and Japan for the promotional cycle of our new single ‘YooHoo.'” 

Secret’s new song “YooHoo” is of dance genre and the song lyrics express one’s smitten puppy love for a friend, on the verge of friendship and romance. The song successfully portrays Secret’s cute and liveliness with its upbeat melody. Secret will perform their first come back stage and officially start the promotional cycle of “YooHoo” on Mnet “M! Countdown” on May 2.