Tiger JK on Continuous Criticism about Ruining Robert Downey Jr.’s Birthday Event

Recently, Tiger JK posted on his Twitter, “We did everything that the film distribution company asked us to do. Quit it, we’ve had enough.” This comment aims at the continuous stream of criticism Tiger JK has been getting since he attended Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr.’s birthday event and allegedly “stole the spotlight” in early April. 

Tiger JK explained, “We were even told that Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t like it when someone touches him both intentionally and accidentally. We were just very confused in terms of what to do, how to do it. We were invited to this birthday event. Everything we did – the birthday song, cutting the cake, dancing like Iron Man – was all a part of what the distribution company asked us to do. I was smiling, but I was just really confused with the huge cake that was taller than me and its long cutting knife.”

At Robert Downey Jr.’s birthday event, hip hop project group MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, and Bizzy) was invited to hold a mini-concert before the event started. Later, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae were invited back on the stage with their son Jordan dressed up as Iron Man. As Jordan was running around the stage and impressing the audience with his adorableness, people saw Robert Downey Jr. standing on the side, almost as if Jordan was the main event and he is only making a guest appearance. As a result, many upset fans have been criticizing the film distribution company, Tiger JK, and Yoon Mirae for mistreating Robert Downey Jr.

Tiger JK apologized shortly after the incident via Twitter, “Happy birthday to Robert Downey Jr. And I would like to sincerely apologize for ruining your fan meeting. I’m sorry.” However, he soon deleted this tweet.