Suzy Gives Lee Seung Gi Fans a Thumb Up for Catered Buffet Dinner

Recently, Lee Seung Gi‘s fan club treated all staff and actors on the filming set of MBC’s “Gu Family Book” to a buffet. The catering company that prepared all the food posted several pictures of this buffet meal on its official blog with the title “‘Gu Family Book’ Lee Seung Gi’s Fan Club Support. Buffet Party.” The drama production crew also revealed several pictures from this meal.

The revealed pictures show the drawing of Lee Seung Gi’s on-screen character on toothpicks, beverage containers, and so on. Lee Seung Gi’s fans prepared more than 40 types of healthy food. Lee Seung Gi thanked his fans and actively hosted this catered meal. One of the revealed pictures show his co-star Suzy with a plateful of food in front of her, giving Lee Seung Gi a thumb up. Suzy also took a “proof shot,” holding up her food, for Lee Seung Gi’s fan club.

Netizens commented, “Wow, Lee Seung Gi’s fan club goes beyond just snack cars. A catered buffet meal!” “I see Suzy giving Lee Seung Gi a thumb up,” “Look at how all the different dishes are laid out for catering purposes. It’s so elegant and luxurious. Lee Seung Gi’s fans know what to do.” 

Meanwhile, “Gu Family Book” starring Lee Seung Gi and Suzy is garnering much attention from viewers, winning the ratings war in its time slot.