Younha Releases Teaser for “The Real Reason We Broke Up” MV Starring Park Ki Woong

With just two days left before the release of her mini album, soloist Younha has released the fifth video teaser for “Just Listen.” Unlike her other teasers which just showed the credits of some of her tracks, this teaser is actually a teaser of what will hopefully be a music video.

The music video is for the track “The Real Reason We Broke Up” and stars Younha and actor Park Ki Woong. The video starts with Younha looking sad and then switches to Park Ki Woong drawing something at a bar. Hopefully this teaser means that we will get a drama music video starring the two.

You can watch her previous teaser here (be prepared for some powerful vocals), and if you haven’t yet (and why haven’t you), check our Underrated Artist Spotlight on Younha.

The music video and “Just Listen” will drop May 2.