[SNS PIC] Secret Members Look Pretty in White in Saipan

Recently on her Twitter on April 30, Secret’s member Jun Hyosung uploaded a photo along with a short message, “YooHoo.”

In the picture are the members of Secret sitting down on a street as they enjoy the warm weather. They are wearing simple white dresses and have adorable expressions on their faces. Looking especially pretty are Jun Hyosung and Song Ji Eun, who are posing adorably for the camera.

Fans that saw this photo commented, “Congratulations on Secret’s comeback,” “Jun Hyosung is so cute,” “I wish I had a girlfriend like Sunhwa,” “They all look like spring goddesses,” “So pretty.”

Meanwhile, Secret’s new mini album “Letter from Secret” was released on the same day, along with the full MV for the title song “YooHoo.”