Electroboyz and “Birth of a Star” Park Soo Jin Release MV for “Feeling Nervous”

Hip hop group Electrboyz worked with “Birth of a Star” season three contestant Park Soo Jin and released the music video for “Feeling Nervous” through the official Brave Family YouTube channel.

Park Soo Jin was a popular contestant on season three of the audition program “Birth of a Star” and after her run on the show was picked up by Brave Entertainment. “Feeling Nervous” was produced by Brave Brothers and the song infuses her strong voice with Electroboyz’s hip style. 

Park Hyun Joong (also known as “Crazy Park”) arranged the song and said, “Brave Brother and I like acoustic emotions. However, we have not tried this kind of music before…This song’s melody and acoustic sensibilities seemed to be going well so we decided to try it. “