Suzy Exudes Healthy and Beautiful Glow for LG’s “On: The Body”

Nation’s First LoveSuzy recently modeled for LG‘s “Household & Health Care” brand for “natural body styling brand” “On: The Body,” which features “four types of body wash, two types of body lotion, four types of cleansing foam, and two types of soap.” The brand also claims that they use 100% organic ingredients such as flower water. 

About choosing Suzy as their endorsement model, the representatives of LG’s “Household & Health Care” stated, “Since ‘Architecture 101,’ Suzy has carried a bright and smart image. Currently, she shines as one of the leading characters of MBC‘s drama ‘Gu Family Book.’ She also continues to receive a high level of interest from the public as a rising star.”

In keeping with the product line’s goal to enhance beauty with natural products and organic ingredients, Suzy is clothed in beautiful dresses, surrounded by flowers and seen applying a product that promise to deliver the same lovely skin complexion results.