Younha Releases Audio Teaser Featuring Urban Zakapa for Upcoming Mini-Album

Beautiful and talented soloist Younha has given us yet another taste of her upcoming mini-album through a short but rich audio teaser clip of one of her tracks!

The teaser is filled with whimsical and beautiful graphics that go along with the song. The clip tells us that the lyrics are written by Urban Zakapa‘s Jo Hyun Ah while it is composed by Urban Zakapa’s Kwon Soon Il and Younha.

The clip also shows important information on Younha’s upcoming summer concerts. From June 21 – June 23, Younha will be throwing a concert in Seoul. She will also be having a Busan concert on June 29 as well.

Younha’s second mini-album is set to be released on May 2 so keep your eyes and ears open!

Meanwhile, check out Younha’s other teaser, including her collaboration with Skull and her music video featuring The Koxx.