Ha Jung Woo Invests $3 Million USD into New “Actortainer” Group

Actor Ha Jung Woo has invested 3 billion won (about $3 million USD) into a new group of actors.

Ha Jung Woo is currently in the middle of creating a group that consists of five actors. Ha Jung Woo, who is working with his agency Fantagio, has been directly involved with the casting, directing and acting guidance for this group.

This project is being called “The Surprise,” and is garnering attention for its idol group training methods upon actors. These five rookie actors will become a team to work separately but also as a team. The foundation of the group is set on acting but these actors will also be able to sing and dance as well. This kind of “idol training” has never been done for actors before.

This project aims to create a a new branch of show business called the “actortainer,” putting together actor and entertainer into one. These days, while there are many idol singers who are stepping forth into acting, there hasn’t been many cases where actors step inside the music industry.

An entertainment business source commented, “In the past, Jang Gook Young and Yoo Duk Hwa showed great dance and singing skills although they were actors. These days, actors such as Jang Geun Suk and Lee Jun Ki are also exceptional at singing and dancing, which is why they are so successful overseas.”

Ha Jung Woo’s project differs from the normal actor management ways. In case of the music industry, singers can travel both in country and out-of-country for promotions, concerts and other activities. However, it is difficult for an actor to branch out in that way. Therefore, if this project succeeds, there are plans to throw big scale concerts featuring this actor group, both in Korea and overseas. It is reported that other investment companies are already looking at this project with interest.

The same entertainment business source added, “Ha Jung Woo is not only interested in acting but he is also interested in pop culture business. He is taking a large part in this project along with his agency.”