Lee Hyori Releases Teaser Clip for New Single “Miss Korea”

WOOT! This is certainly exciting news! If you were living under a rock and did not know, Lee Hyori is coming back after 3 years. Before the release of her album, she revealed a teaser clip of the new single “Miss Korea.”

Her agency, B2M Entertainment had stated before the release of the teaser clip, “We will be releasing the teaser clip of ‘Miss Korea’ which is one of the songs from her new album on May 12 at 12pm. The clip will be released on the official YouTube channel and other online music websites.”

Before the release of the teaser clip, her agency had posted a picture that shows Lee Hyori’s sexy silhouette. In the picture, you can see Lee Hyori making a sexy pose and it looks as though she has a “Miss Korea Sash” wrapped around her.

On May 1, parts of her upcoming single “Show Show Show” was shown through a collaboration music fashion film project with Vogue Korea. Lee Hyori’s comeback will be at the end of May.