PSY’s “Gentleman” Takes a Nose-Dive on Billboard’s Chart

It was previously reported that PSY’s “Gentleman” peaked at fifth place on Billboard’s esteemed “Hot 100” chart.

On April 2, Billboard reported that his latest single “Gentleman” dropped to 26th place to the dismay of his many fans worldwide. The single previously surprised many fans and critics alike by making a grand debut on the same chart at 12th place.

PSY wrote on his Twitter, “A lot of people were disappointed about [“Gentleman”] ranking 26th. I want to think that it’s successful. Just like I said [at the airport] before I left [Korea], the promotion period over there is much longer than what we’re used to. Will start promoting from this weekend, so it’s not ‘drop in rankings,’ but ‘this is just the start’! Hwaiting!”

Meanwhile, PSY left for the U.S. on April 25 for promotions. He will be in New York on May 3 to make an appearance on NBC’s “Today Show” and show off his signature “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” moves.