Do You Know Your Korean Ramyun?

This list will show some of the popular ramyun (aka ramen) in South Korea! Some of these popular ramyun can be seen around the world so hopefully you will be able to go out, buy it, and cook it at home! (Just a heads up, on average when you are cooking ramyun use only 500ml of water!) Remember that the standard of spiciness is coming from a South Korean man! (Who enjoys spicy food!)

1. 꼬꼬면 – Kko Kko Myun (Kokomen)

This ramyun has a chicken broth flavor, with a hint of pepper! (The ramyun isn’t spicy though) This ramyun got famous after it made an appearance on “Qualifications of a Man.”

2. 진라면 – Jin ramyun

Jin ramyun is one of the classic ramyuns of South Korea made by the company Ottogi. There are two different types: Mild and Spicy. (The Spicy flavor isn’t as spicy as “Shin ramyun.”)

3. 짜파게티 – Jjapaghetti

Have you ever tried the Korean-Chinese food Jajangmyeon? Well, this is the instant ramyun version of that food! Remember to first cook the noodles, strain the water, then mix the Jjapaghetti powder.

4. 무파마 – Mupama

This ramyun has a slightly spicy flavor with a hint of onions!

5. 나가사끼 짬뽕 – Nagasaki Jjamppong

This ramyun tastes like a slightly spicier version than “Kko Kko Myun.” It is meant to taste like a Japanese style Jjamppong.

6. 남자라면 – Namja ramyun

Namja ramyun literally means “Man ramyun.” The ramyun is supposed to be very spicy according to its commercials, but it is on the same level of Shin ramyun. This ramyun is relatively new and has a slightly new flavor!

7. 너구리 라면 – Neoguri ramyun

Neoguri ramyun tastes like spicy Jjamppong! It is a favorite in South Korea. This is also mixed with Jjapaghetti because of the popular TV show “Where Are You Going, Dad?

8. 삼양라면 – Samyang ramyun

This ramyun boasts that it is one of the oldest ones (and it is a classic)! The ramyun is milder than Shin ramyun and it seems to have a “ham-like” taste in the broth.

9. 신라면 – Shin ramyun

Shin ramyun is the most popular ramyun in South Korean or at least the best selling one! The ramyun comes in two flavors, Black and Original. According to some people who aren’t accustomed to South Korea’s spicy food, the original flavor is pretty spicy! If you are scared to try it, you should go ahead with Shin ramyun Black. The broth tastes considerably different however, because Shin ramyun Black tastes like the original flavor mixed with garlic!

10. 틈새라면 – Teumsae ramyun

This ramyun is considered the most spicy out of all of the ramyun you can get in South Korea. This ramyun is based off of the very popular Teumsae ramyun restaurant located in Myeongdong. Beware, even for somebody who enjoys spicy Korean food, this hurts the stomach sometimes!

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