KARA’s Nicole Is a Green Muse for “Sure”

KARA member Nicole rocked a bright green crayon color for “Sure” magazine’s pictorial with spring essential items like open-toe heeled sandals, cropped tops, A-line skirts, light-weight loafers with flower designs and pastel colored basics to boot. Although the monochromatic scheme could easily have made her look like a human vegetable, the team of stylists did a great job of transforming Nicole into a springtime muse.

Some interesting props used for this photo shoot included a skateboard, vintage bird cage, binoculars, white banjo and gardening tools. Nicole makes great use of her props, expressions and poses to take on the characteristics of different personas: the curious girl-next-door, the girl who lost her singing canary, the musician, the tomboy, etc. 

Netizens who saw the photos from the pictorial commented, “Nicole takes such pretty photos!”, “She really does seem like the spring goddess”, “I love Nicole’s figure!” and “I want my own copy of Nicole’s photos for this shoot!”