[SNS PIC] All Aboard 4minute Bus!

Cube Entertainment released an adorable picture of the group 4minute on Naver to promote a special event on May 2.

4minute members formed a line down the ladder with Jiyoon at the bottom clutching a steering wheel to invite fans to ride on the “What’s Your Name?” bus! To further promote their comeback track, 4minute decided to partner with Naver for a special event where their shared their daily mail with the fans at 1pm that day.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “4Minute is so adorable!” “This is my favorite girl group,” “Gayoon is so amazing, she sings well and she’s pretty,” and “I love HyunA!”

In related news, the adorable group has been actively promoting their comeback track, “What’s Your name?” With sexy and slightly risqué promotional pictures, 4minute has been blazing a trail up the music charts at a successful rate.