Lee Da Hae Admits She Had Plastic Surgery

On the recent episode of Mnet’s “Wide Celebrity News –Quick Talk,” which was aired on April 29, actress Lee Da Hae appeared as a special guest.

On this day, Lee Da Hae was asked about her ideal type. She answered, “The first thing I check when I meet a man is his eyes. I like guys with kind eyes and red lips. Height doesn’t matter anymore.”

She also added, “I used to be obese. I also did some ‘remodeling’ to my face.” To her easy admission, MC Moon Hee Jun appeared to be very surprised. When he stated, “I thought you didn’t get any plastic surgery,” Lee Da Hae replied playfully, “Please continue to think like that.”

Moon Hee Jun then jokingly complimented Lee Da Hae, “I guess it was done really well since I can’t even tell.” Lee Da Hae laughed as she thanked him.

Meanwhile, Lee Da Hae had a great success in her role in KBS’s “IRIS 2,” which ended recently.