Younha Picks Her May Comeback Rival

Singer Younha, who just released her second mini album “Just Listen“, revealed that she is most worried about Lee Hyori‘s comeback.

On May 2 Younha had her “Just Listen” showcase at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul. There she performed tracks from her mini album such as her main track “Reason.” 

At the showcase the singer was asked if there were any artists also making a comeback this month that she was concerned about. She answered, “Honestly, I’m worried about everyone.”

Younha does have a lot of competition this month. Many artists are making a comeback this month including idol groups such as 2PM, 4Minute, and Secret. K-Pop’s sexiest divas Lee Hyori, Ivy, and Seo In Young have also planned to make a comeback soon. 

When her vague answer seemed to disappoint, Younha continued. “Actually, I’m really worried about Lee Hyori who will be making a comeback soon…She is such a formidable singer.”