Super Junior’s Yesung Wants to Quietly Leave for Military Service

The day Super Junior fans are deeply dreading is slowly creeping it’s way in and it’s now just around the corner!

Yesung will start his military service on May 6. Traditionally, male celebrities will hold a mini-press conference right before they leave for the military as well as when they finish their service.

On April 3, SM Entertainment stated, “Yesung expressed that he wants to quietly enter for his service and will not hold a formal press conference. We will follow his wish for a quiet entrance.”

Since Super Junior is a well-loved idol group with a large fanbase encompassing many countries in the world, many industry insiders can already anticipate how many fans will try to see him off on the big day. However, it might be difficult for the fans to see him on that day because he wants to leave quietly.

Meanwhile, Yesung will undergo four weeks of basic military training at the 35th division in Jeolla Province. Afterwards, he will serve as a public service officer for twenty-three months.