2PM Reveals Trailer for “Comeback When You Hear This Song”

With 2PM‘s comeback drawing closer, they have revealed a trailer for titled “Comeback When Your Hear This Song.”

The song has been reported as being one of the title tracks, along with “Ha. Ni. Bbun.” 

Compared to their past promoted tracks, “Comeback When Your Hear This Song,” seems to be a very upbeat song. In the teaser, we see the boys wearing suits while on rooftops, as seen in their previous solo pictures

2PM’s previous Grown” trailer showed off a sexier R&B sound.

The track list for their upcoming third album, “Grown” has already been revealed to contain 12 songs, many of which were worked on by group members.

The group will also have a documentary program “2PM Come Back Show” for their return to Korea. Currently, it is slated to broadcast on May 11 midnight Korean Standard Time. (Same as May 12, 00:00)

They recently attended the opening of the 2PM Zone at Seoul’s Apujeong Rodeo train station on May 2.