CNBlue’s Kang Min Hyuk Just Woke Up “Dazed”

Recently on May 3, CNBlue’s agency uploaded several photos of Kang Min Hyuk that were taken for the May issue of “Dazed & Confused.” Based on the concept of “Naked Morning,” the photoshoot took place focusing on the lazy beauty of Kang Min Hyuk as he wakes up in the morning.

In the first photo is Kang Min Hyuk in the bed as he gazes at the camera sleepily. In the other pictures, he does a normal morning routine, such as drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. In all the photos, Kang Min Hyuk looks deliciously gorgeous with his baby face and sleepy eyes.

Netizens that saw these pictures admired, “I think he probably looks like that every morning,” “He looks so lovely.”

Meanwhile, CNBlue is to perform in Taiwan on May 4, 2013.