Actress Jang Young Ran Looks Beautiful in Pregnant and Post-Birth Photoshoot

Recently on the “May Studio” homepage, photos of actress Jang Young Ran were uploaded.

In the pictures is Jang Young Ran during her pregnancy and after the birth of her daughter. In the pregnancy photos, Jang Young Ran proudly shows off her “D-Line.” In the first post-birth picture, Jang Young Ran looks motherly as she holds her daughter with a loving smile on her face. In the second photo, it shows both Jang Young Ran and her husband adoringly holding the baby. In all the black-and-white pictures, Jang Young Ran and her family look happy.

Netizens that saw these photo admired, “Everyone looks great,” “Jang Young Ran looks gorgeous.”

Meanwhile, Jang Young Ran gave a birth to her daughter in February last year.