CJ E&M Provides Official Statements Concerning Roy Kim’s Plagiarism Controversy

Recently, “Super Star K4’s” Roy Kim suffered harsh criticism from netizens after he released his self-composed and self-written song “Bom Bom Bom.” Some have accused Roy Kim of plagiarism, stating that this new hit sounded similar to the songs “Where the Wind Blows” by the late Kim Kwang Suk and “Take on Me” by the Norwegian band a-ha. Netizens even created a “RoJinYo” Café, demanding the “truth” from Roy Kim.

To this growing controversy, a representative from CJ E&M stated, “We are confused and baffled by this sudden plagiarism controversy. Our colleagues of the music industry and our own agency believe that this accusation is unfounded. We are uncertain how we should react to such a claim that has not been supported by any clear proof.”

Well Soompiers, what do you think of the controversy?