PSY’s Horse Dance Used in Indonesia to Control May Day Protesters

The power of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” was shown once again.

According to France’s AFP on May 1, which is the “May Day,” a demonstration took place in the city of Surabaya in eastern Java in Indonesia. When approximately 5000 protesters gathered, 80 local police women suddenly started to dance the world famous “horse dance.” These women were in their standard-issue police uniforms, sunglasses, and caps.

The demonstrators at first showed shock and confusion to this strange performance. However, soon many of them joined in with the officers, and the performance lasted 30 minutes.

A representative from the local police station stated, “To control the protesters, the officers practiced the ‘horse dance’ for three days. Dancing makes people calm and happy.”

Meanwhile, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” became a worldwide hit in December last year and became the first video to pass a billion views on YouTube.