PSY Begins U.S. Promotions Starting With NBC Today Show

Global star PSY recently kicked off his U.S. promotions with a special outdoor performance for the NBC Today Show on May 3. NBC host Matt Laurer can be seen dancing off to the side along with the rest of the fans who’ve packed the entire block just to see PSY dance to “Gentleman.” And this appears to be no ordinary gathering of spectators either, as fans came prepared with PSY T-shirts, posters, glittery bow-ties, sunglasses and even swirly Korean-style fans that can be easily seen littered throughout the crowd. Someone even made a handmade poster of PSY’s cartoon logo with rotating eyes! Now that’s pretty nifty!

PSY’s next stop will be Harvard University, where he will perform “Gentleman” and “Gangnam Style” at the Tsai Auditorium on May 9. He will also be talking about the appeal of these songs to people outside of Korean language communities and share a little about what it’s like to be a global representative of Korean culture.