T-ara N4 to Open Up About Ex-Member Hwayoung Incident

On May 6, T-ara unit group T-ara N4 will seek to address some of the supposed grievances surrounding the treatment of ex-member Hwayoung on Mnet‘s “Beatles Code 2.” 

On May 3, a preview clip of the upcoming broadcast was shown where the MC asked T-ara N4 members, “Do you have anything to say regarding the shock the public received when they heard about Hwayoung’s mistreatment and isolation?” In response, the girls couldn’t hold their tears as they began to speak on the matter that had plagued female idol group T-ara for the past year. 

Eunjung began, “To be honest, we wanted to say something about it. We never knew that Hwayoung was going to be dropped from the group. It really pains us that she had to go through that.” Hyomin added, “This is not a case where a member was bullied and mistreated.”

Fans will have a chance to hear it from the girls’ point of view and perhaps forgive the company for handling the departure of ex-member Hwayoung from the group so poorly. Perhaps such unfortunate incidents can be avoided in the future with better communication between parties and a second chance for idols to cement their rightfully earned spot in a group.

In related news, T-ara N4 released their track “Countryside Diaries” on April 29.