Lee Da Hae Reveals That She Is Close Friends with Heechul

Actress Lee Da Hae recently revealed that she has been close friends with Heechul for a while now.

On May 4, Lee Da Hae was interviewed as a guest on KBS 2TV‘s “Entertainment Relay” during a photo shoot. 

Sometime during the interview, Lee Da Hae acknowledged that she was close buddies with Super Junior‘s Heechul. She said, “Heechul is currently doing well in the military.” 

She added, “He’s a bit jealous right now that Super Junior is off in South America for their world tour, meeting all the lovely ladies. I think he’s feeling pretty lonely these days.” She laughed as she remembered a conversation she had with him recently, “Whenever I tell him I’ll try to come see him as soon as I have time – he says rather freely, ‘You’d better come see me, because I love you.'”