Jo In Sung And Han Hyo Joo Go Camping for Latest CF

Photos from Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo‘s CF shoot have been circulating forums online.

In online communities, the photos have been circulated in the topic title, “Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo in the Himalayas for ‘Black Yak‘ Camping CF: Behind-the-scenes cuts.” Some of the photos feature Han Hyo Joo makes an adorable face while wrapped in a sleeping bag, Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo jamming by the river and enjoying a meal cooked in the great outdoors. 

In the photos, Jo In Sung and Han Hyo Joo are all smiles as main models for ‘Black Yak’ camping goods brand. The photos are from the 7th CF the pair have worked on together for “Black Yak”.