Baek Ji Young Goes Solo for Wedding Preparations

Ballad singer and “OST Queen” Baek Ji Young is going solo for her wedding preparations. According to reports in local news agencies, her June 2 nuptials to actor Jung Suk Won, will be planned and prepared by the singer alone. The report was made through an announcement by both their management agencies.

“Jung Suk Won is currently busy shooting a movie. To be able to concentrate on his work, Baek Ji Young will take care of the preparations so he doesn’t need to worry,” local news agencies quoted the agencies’ statement. “He needs to be able to rest his mind while filming, and he is very happy. Baek Ji Young is happy to take on the preparations. They already emit the aura of a good marriage between two people and we believe they will be fine.”

In addition, Jung Suk Won has already discussed specific plans for the wedding and Baek Ji Young is expected to begin preparations in earnest after her May showcase in Japan.