New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 May Week 1

T-Ara N4 mini-album Vol. 1 – Country Diary (released)

01 Country Diary
02 Can We Love
03 Country Diary (Electronic)
04 Country Diary (MR)
05 Can We Love (INST)

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T-ara’s new subunit, T-ara N4, which consists of members, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Areum, releases their first mini-album, “Country Diary.” The title track is of the same name and is an exciting club dance number. The song features SPEED’s Tae Woon. What makes this song even more special is the fact that traditional Korean instruments – gayageum, daegeum, jango, and kkwanggwari, were used. The other song in this album is medium-tempo pop dance track, “Can We Love.”

Younha – Just Listen (released)

01 Just Listen (feat. SKULL)
02 Fireworks
03 The Real Reason Why We Broke Up
04 There Was Spring
05 No
06 One Fine Day
07 Sea Child

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Younha returns to the music scene ten months later with her second mini-album, “Just Listen.” There are seven new songs where some of Korea’s top musicians along the likes of Koxx, Lyn, SKULL, and Naul took part composing, penning, and featuring in her songs. The title track is “The Real Reason Why We Broke Up,” a song about a woman reflecting on her breakup. It is known that Younha herself took part in composing this song.

B1A4 mini-album Vol. 4 – What’s Going On (May 7)

01 Starlight Song
02 What’s Going On
03 Yesterday
04 Good Love
05 How Many Times

B1A4 makes a comeback with their fourth mini-album, “What’s Going On.” This new album consists of five songs with the title track of the same title. It is a pop and hip-hop number with rocktronic sounds. This addictive number has an easy melody line which is expected to have all listeners sing along. Other songs included in the album are R&B pop number, “Yesterday” and R&B Soul track, “Good Love.”

Nine Muses mini-album – Wild (May 9)

01 Spotlight
02 Wild
03 Action
04 Scrap Paper
05 Person Living
06 Wild INST

Nine Muses come before fans with their second mini-album, “Wild.” The title track is of the same name and is a club number with lyrics about girls who have fallen in love. The girls’ chic vocals and addictive rap are expected to garner listeners’ interest.

4men Vol. 5-2 – Thank You (May 8)

01 Propose (With Ywho Friends) (Intro)
02 Thank You
03 I’m Proposing
04 You’re My Light
05 Angel (feat. Lim Se Jun)
06 I’m Proposing INST
07 Thank You INST

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4men has returned this year with part two of their fifth album, “Thank You.” This is different from the last album in the sense that it’s much brighter in mood and follows the theme of a man in love. The title track is “I’m Proposing,” a pop ballad love song about a man getting ready to propose to his lover. Another song worth mentioning is medium-tempo R&B track, “Thank You.”

Yoo Seung Woo mini-album Vol. 1 – First Picnic (May 8)

01 Picnic (Intro)
02 You and I
03 Hello
04 A Song Sung By a Pitiful Man
05 Poor Love
06 Hello INST
07 Poor Love INST

Superstar K4’s Yoo Seung Woo releases his first debut mini-album, “First Picnic” this year. This album has seven songs including the titular, “Hello.” Another song worth mentioning is “A Song Sung By a Pitiful Man” which was composed and penned by the singer himself.

Vibe (single) – Organic Sound (released)

01 Really Want To Meet You Just Once

Vibe returns after three years with a new single, “Really Want To Meet You Just Once.” The song was composed and penned by member Ryu Jae Hyun himself. The song is about a man who wants to see his ex-lover one more time.

December – Going Home (released)

01 Going Home
02 Why Why
03 Going Home INST
04 Why Why INST

December releases a new album, “Going Home” in midst of member, DK’s mandatory military service. The title track is of the same name and was composed by hit maker Jo Young Su. The song is about recollection and longing and the duo does a great job bringing out this emotion.

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