“Monday Couple” Gary and Song Ji Hyo Play the Peppero Game Again

Recently on SBS’s “Running Man,”’ “Monday Couple” Gary and Song Ji Hyo showed off their skills in the classic Peppero Game.

On the episode that was aired on May 5, during the rail bike mission, one of the games the members played was the Peppero Game, also called the stick cookie game. When it was Gary and Song Ji Hyo’s turn, they stated nervously, “We have done this before, but it is still nerve-racking.”

However, they proved to be skilled. It was no wonder they are considered a “couple” as in their first attempt, Gary and Song Ji Hyo were able to leave only small amount of crumbs. Gary said proudly and confidently, “For us, this is nothing.”

Meanwhile during this episode of “Running Man,” actor Cha In Pyo, Ricky Kim, and Seo Jang Hoon appeared as special guests.